The smarter way to represent candidates

When it comes to CV and coversheet preparation, Represend saves an average on 12 minutes per candidate.

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Loved by thousands of recruiters

Here are just a few of the reasons top billers around the world love using Represend.


Get insights about CVs

Know exactly when your clients view or download every submission you send them.


Arrange interviews easily

Enter candidate availability so your clients can easily pick an interview time.


Coversheets in no time

Customise the coversheets that will automatically merge with your candidates CV.


Get notifications anywhere

Receive instant notifications via email about any new activity on a submission.


Twelve minutes faster

On average Represend saves around twelve minutes for every new candidate.


Your brand in the market

Upload your company logo and Represend will brand everything that your client sees.


Represend works in three simple steps

See exactly how Represend works and why recruiters say it's so simple.


Create your submission

Start by creating a submission which involves uploading your candidate's CV and completing coversheet details.


Email URL to client

When the submission is completed, click to copy the Submission URL and paste it into an email to your client.


Start receiving data

You'll start receiving data when your client views, downloads or requests an interview for that submission.

Represend supports top billers

A few of the many benefits agencies and recruiters get from Represend.

  • Only work committed roles

    Use the insights to work in time with your clients and weed out the ones who are simply wasting your time.

  • Reinforce your brand

    Keep your brand front of mind with branded coversheets, and branded watermarks on any CV you choose.

  • Limit the back and forth

    Don't play email tag trying to organise interviews. Enter candidate availability so clients can book directly.

  • Get legal peace of mind

    A customisable legal footer allows you to display legal information in line with your Terms of Business.

  • Save time, all the time

    Save time creating coversheets, branding CVs, organising interviews, and working only on committed roles.

  • Get faster responses

    Submissions are device responsive, meaning your clients can view them and respond to them from anywhere.

  • Reactivated hiring

    Your client viewed a submission months after unsuccessful represenation? Chances are they're hiring again.

  • Complete consistency

    Achieve total brand consistency, knowing for certain your entire team is using the same represenation process.

Working smarter with data

Represend's detailed insights are supporting recruiters to work smarter.

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  • feature cta

    A timeline of submission activity

    The insights provide you with a timeline of your client's activity on any one submission and help you know which clients to focus on.

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    Views, downloads and interviews

    You'll instantly see insights about every submission you send to your client, and you can easily turn on or off email notiications too.

  • feature cta

    Proof of valid representation

    We've all had the odd client try to pull a fast one by saying they never received your email... Now you have proof of representation.

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Some commonly asked questions and their answers.

  • Do you add new features?

    We sure do! In fact, we've got a bunch of features and improvements being tested for release at any given time. More on our blog.

  • How secure is data in Represend?

    Extremely secure. Data security is our main priority and Represend is built to exceed industry standards for data security.

  • Are there pricing contracts?

    No, Represend is entirely month-to-month. So you can cancel at any time and you'll only be charged up to when you cancel.

  • What hours can I get support?

    You can contact support any time via email. We'll respond as soon as possible between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday AEST.